Reading Time is Bonding Time

BY: Janet Campbell

Do you read to your child? Technology has definitely offered an option that our children can benefit from educationally. However, it should not replace the bond created between you and your child. What captivates you when reading a book? Is it the illustrations? Is it how the words come together on the page? Whatever it may be, share that experience with your child. Follow these steps to introduce reading to your child.

Set aside 30mins a day where you read to your child and discuss what’s going on in the book. This time can be at bedtime or first thing in the morning before they go to school. Now that’s how you start their morning out right. Just imagine what this 30mins can do for your child and the bond it will create between you two.

Take a trip to the library once a week. Enjoy the experience of browsing through shelves of children’s books. When you find a book that you like, sit down and read at the library. This will definitely make the experience more enjoyable. While you’re there, pick up the libraries story time schedule. The library is a great resource.

To implement technology, go online and find a book that has been illustrated and has a video to it. Check out Purpose Finds His Gift.

Reading time is bonding time. Cozy up and enjoy all your adventures in story land. They will take you places you have never dreamt of. Open a book today!

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