Four Reasons Why Literacy Should Matter To Parents in 2014

BY: Janet Campbell

Literacy by definition and in its most simple form means, to read and write. But it’s much more than that Literacy matters. Literacy is the foundation to building your child’s imagination, to helping them to explore who they really are.

In my new book, Purpose Finds his gift, that’s what you will find. Purpose is a young, vibrant little boy seeking to understand who he is through his imagination. His imagination gives him life and reason. Here, you will find 4 reasons why literacy should be the ultimate go-to for your child.

1. It helps your child to explore. One thing about children is that they love to observe, use their senses and ask questions—lots of questions. Sometimes as parents, we can be unaware of how healthy this is for their literacy development. Books and animated videos are enrichment tools that assist in taking your child’s imagination to the next level. So go to that next level with them, and explore. Encourage it!

2. Literacy promotes critical thinking. You will find in Purpose Finds His Gift that he is on a mission, he is searching, and therefore he has a situation that requires a resolution. This type of thinking yields sophisticated thoughts and the ability to make decisions and develop a sense of self-awareness.

3. Early reading is important. Early reading promotes a more healthy willingness to learn. Healthy reading habits now, means healthy reading habits later. And your child will be encouraged to succeed in education because it builds confidence. Suddenly, it becomes cool to read all because they will enjoy the results and praise for their perseverance in reading.

4. Freedom of expression. Yes, even your young child should be free to express themselves. Give them the opportunity to share their thoughts and emotions with you. This is apart of them developing their character and most importantly developing language. Even Purpose is free to communicate with the awesomeness of nature and falls in love with Mr. Ocean’s voice.

These are only a few reasons why literacy matters. But these are great reasons! Let Purpose Finds His Gift be your toddler’s first book and explore your child’s gift in the process. You are your child’s first teacher. Let’s encourage reading time together.

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