Guess What Time It Is?

BY: Janet Campbell

It is Story time! Story time can be fun as well as challenging, especially if reading is not something your little one is accustomed to. Starting as early as utero can be essential to the development of your child’s speech and vocabulary growth. Here are some simple tips and tricks to make story time fun and exciting for your little ones!

Get children picture books with live bright and vibrant colors! Ask your child to tell you the story from looking at the pictures! This develops imaginations.

Put a theme to your stories! Story times geared for special occasions and holidays will keep your little one informed of what is happening in the “grown up world”. For example, spooky stories for October and treasure hunts for March. Make reading fun!

Let your child choose the book! Letting your children pick the book gives them a sense of inclusion and it gives you an opportunity to learn a little more about your little one. The books children choose tells you a lot about their growing interests and passions, so pay attention to their choices.

Designated a cozy spot for story time! Whether, it’s in the family room on a bunch of pillows or snuggled deep under covers. This will create a great bond with you and your child.

Make story time consistent! Consistency has always been a major key in your role as a parent and story-time should be no different. Set aside a specific time to have it. Whether it is once a day or once a week, getting into a routine will make it easier for your little one to anticipate what’s coming next and prepare yourselves.

Now parents it your time! To create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Go on implement these simple tips into your routines. Be patient with the little ones, while you open up the world of imagination. Enjoy your adventures in the magic of story land.

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