Purpose find his gift

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“Your special gift does not exist outside of yourself. It exists within you.”
--Father Universe

Purpose Finds His Gift is a heartwarming tale about finding that special person inside of you. As Purpose, the son of the Universe sets out on a journey to discover his special gift; he learns that he has carried it with him all along. A coming of age story, Purpose Finds His Gift will teach children about finding their own special talent and listening to the voice within."

About the Author

Purpose Finds His Gift is Janet's second book for young readers. Her first children's book was Kafiya Meets The Moon. Janet has carried the art of storytelling and sharing folktales into her own life. The passion grew when she saw that the tradition was dying. Janet had been using storytelling for years in her community work to bridge cultural gaps; the transition to writing was inevitable. She was born in St Catherine, Jamaica, but has called Canada her home for over thirty years. Janet is the owner of Nanni's Natural Hair Salon.

"Purpose Finds His Gift", comes packaged as a hardcover booklet and a lovingly crafted animation video of the complete story.

Imagination comes to life in "Kafiya", the story of a little girl fascinated with the moon.